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#82 - Don't Make These Mistakes at a Japanese Hotspring!

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When you come to Japan, you have to experience the magic that is the Japanese hotspring or onsen! But remember, there are some rules you'll need to follow, otherwise, you will fall into the faux pas that most visitors fall into when they visit a public bath house! Check out this guide, so you don't embarrass yourself in Japan!

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Cat with Beard from JAPAN

Interested in Japan? Cat with Beard from JAPAN is the best podcast to explore the colorfulness of everything Japan! We explore the Japanese culture & sub-cultures from a foreigner's perspective including guests involved in the industry, such as cosplay/modelling, anime/manga, radio and television broadcasting, music, video games, etc.

This program is hosted by Tokyo-based crossdressing wrestler, singer and YouTuber, Ladybeard from Australia and Cathy Cat who is a TV personality and YouTuber from Germany!

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